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What is the Challenge Series?

Clients have participated in racing with the Ferrari brand since 1947. The Ferrari Challenge Series gives the most passionate owners an exclusive opportunity to be in the racing circuit. Ferrari Challenge is a Global Motorsport Championship Series, comprised of Ferrari Owners exclusively; not professional drivers. It is with this spirit of passion and excitement that the Ferrari Challenge North America series is governed. It is also the best way to experience the racing lifestyle in a safe and controlled environment. The Ferrari Challenge race cars are factory built, factory prepared, and 100% competition race car with video and data acquisition. All of the cars come equipped the same way, in an attempt to level the playing field, but mostly to ensure a safe, quality product. Ferrari Challenge North America is an amateur racing series, spanning the United States and Canada. Just a few of the distinguishing characteristics of the series: Ferrari Challenge has three series internationally: North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Ferrari Challenge is ONLY for Ferrari owners, therefore; each entrant/driver is not only the owner of the car but the actual participant. This alone makes for a very exclusive opportunity. Each season concludes with the “Finali Mondiali,” the Ferrari Challenge World Finals. Held in a different country each year, drivers from each series participate to determine a world champion! In the United States, the Ferrari Challenge race events and activities are organized by Ferrari North America, and selected franchised dealerships. As of 2017, Ferrari of Palm Beach and Wide World Ferrari have established their very own Challenge team named New Country Competizione. The newly established team provides a turn-key, top-notch racing experience for drivers and their families. Make no mistake, this is a world-class experience, available to a very limited few.

It is an unparalleled motorsports Esperienza!

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