Corso Pilota, Ferrari Performance Driving School

Corso Pilota, Ferrari’s official performance driving school, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become an elite driver behind the wheel of modern Ferraris. Corso Pilota involves hands-on instruction from professional Ferrari instructors, including race- and championship-winning drivers. The four-part course progression will take you from an inexperienced performance driver all the way to Ferrari Challenge race ready if you so choose.

No matter your location, Ferrari of Naples will get you set up to participate in Corso Pilota at a venue of your choosing. We’ve assisted hundreds of Ferrari clients with their Corso Pilota journey. Much more information, FAQ, and upcoming Corso Pilota dates & locations are detailed below.

Drive Ferraris in the environment they were built for and expand your driving capabilities! Contact us to discuss further or to sign up.


2023 Dates Coming Soon!

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Corso Pilota Program & Attendance Basics

Each Corso Pilota course is an all-inclusive two-day event involving classroom and racetrack sessions. You’ll advance your driving skillset in Ferrari’s sportiest current models like the F8 Tributo, 812 Superfast, SF90 Stradale, and 296 GTB. And then, with skills to match, be introduced to a Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo factory racecar in the two final phases of the program.

Post-track debriefs with your instructors involve video and data analysis that precisely monitor driver development and pave the way for advancement. You and your instructors will utilize some of the same data analysis tools & techniques as Ferrari Formula 1 drivers to process and then progress your driving performance. Once you’re underway and setting laps, you might even have the chance to compare your laps against the Ferrari instructors for an in-depth look at just how top pros set their lightning pace.

In addition to professional driving instruction and curriculum from Ferrari, each Corso Pilota course package includes:

  • Daily breakfast and lunch, and two group dinners

  • Luxury hotel accommodations

  • Transportation to and from the racetrack

  • Ferrari hospitality and event memorabilia

Current circuits for Corso Pilota in the United States include some of America’s very best:

  • Daytona International Speedway, Florida (home of the 24 Hours of Daytona)

  • The Concours Club, just outside of Miami, Florida (a private luxury automotive country club)

  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana (home of the Indianapolis 500)

  • The Thermal Club, Thermal California (a private luxury automotive country club)

  • Circuit of the Americas, Texas (a world-famous racetrack and home to the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix)

Importantly, the racetracks, courses, and driving activities are professionally designed to allow you to develop and hone your performance driving skills in a safe, controlled environment. Corso Pilota was established in 1993, with hundreds of courses completed and thousands of program graduates.

No matter your age, current driving skills and abilities, if you want to truly experience the stunning performance of Ferraris and develop advanced performance driving skills, you belong in Corso Pilota. The levels of professional instruction match participants’ experience and widely varying needs and capabilities. You’ll fit right in.


Core values of Corso Pilota

  1. Learning how to drive at the limit of a modern Ferrari, safely. With Corso Pilota, you’ll come away with a newfound appreciation for what a Ferrari is truly capable of. (You’re only scratching the surface on the road…)

  2. Delivering a first-class, luxury experience to clientele that can only be achieved by Ferrari.

  3. Camaraderie and network building with family & friends who attend Corso Pilota alongside you, plus fellow Ferrari enthusiasts.

  4. Preparation for competition Motorsport activities. While full course progression is not required, those who complete all four levels of Corso Pilota will be fully prepared to get behind the wheel of a Ferrari racecar and compete at an elite level.


Level 1: Corso Pilota Sport

In the driver’s seat: the first step toward competitive driving. Connect with your Ferrari in a whole new way.

This is the “introductory” level of the program, but even in this first course, you’ll be rapidly expanding both your understanding of Ferrari performance and your driving skills. Throughout this program, an instructor is right alongside you in the passenger seat for all driving activities.

In Corso Pilota Sport, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of sport driving techniques, including advanced techniques for acceleration, braking, steering inputs, and managing a vehicle’s balance & dynamics. You’ll also learn the importance of driver positioning within the cockpit that allows one to efficiently manage a car’s controls, a key to driving safety in any context — on road or on track.

Level 2: Corso Pilota Advanced

Moving up: high-speed driving and vehicle control. Push your limits even further.

Corso Pilota Advanced picks up where Sport leaves off and turns the volume up to 11. The techniques learned in Sport are employed at higher speeds, even closer to the cars’ limits. The Advanced course includes dynamic skill trials and ongoing analysis of behind-the-wheel driver performance.

Whereas on-track instruction occurred from the passenger seat in Sport, the growing skillset of the driver permits solo driving and exhilarating lead-follow sessions with your instructors.

Level 3: Corso Pilota Evolution

Approach the starting line: race conditioning and refinement. Get behind the wheel of a race car.

With more time behind the wheel on highly technical, demanding circuits, driver confidence at the limit of a vehicle’s performance is advanced with Corso Pilota Evolution. Confidence is a key element of capably piloting a 488 Challenge Evo racecar, which you’ll be doing in the Evolution course.

In conjunction with driving the 488 Challenge Evo, the driver will experience racing slicks for the first time. (The same tires used in Ferrari Challenge racing competition.) The introduction of racing slicks and full factory racecar performance creates a whole new learning curve for the driver, but at this stage, you’ll be up to the challenge.

Level 4: Corso Pilota Challenge

Mastery of the track: the spirit of Ferrari racing as realized by Enzo.

Corso Pilota Challenge is the final preparatory phase for the driver to enter the world of Ferrari Challenge racing. After the Challenge course, you’ll be ready to step directly into a qualifying session and then race.

At this level, you’ll be perfecting form and technique, improving lap times, and learning how to maintain consistent performance and lap times behind the wheel of a 488 Challenge Evo.

You’ll drill with mock racing scenarios, exercises involving passing, rolling starts, and fundamental racing etiquette. Everything you’ll need to know to go Ferrari Challenge racing.

Corso Pilota FAQ

How much does Corso Pilota cost? 

Please note: The following fee schedule applied to Corso Pilota in 2021 and should be viewed as approximate and subject to change.

Corso Pilota Sport: $15,300

Corso Pilota Advanced: $18,550

Corso Pilota Evolution: $22,550

Corso Pilota Challenge: $27,550

A non-driving guest can attend with you for a fee of $950 per person.

Who can participate in Corso Pilota?

Corso Pilota is available exclusively to current Ferrari owners and prospective (wait-list) clients who are at least 18 years of age.

Friends and family members can also participate in Corso Pilota with you, whether they are Ferrari owners or not. Friends and family members can also attend as non-driving guests.

Can the courses be shared or split between participants?

No, each attendee needs to participate fully in the program, so splitting or sharing time on- and off-track would detract from driver progression. Each attendee must register as a participant and pay the full participant fee.

What is the student to instructor ratio? Will I be prioritized?

You’ll be prioritized with substantial direct access to your professional instructor at each level of Corso Pilota. In the Sport program, there are 2 instructors per group of 7 students, and an instructor in the passenger seat whenever you’re on track. Advanced level gets 2 instructors per group of 6.

Reflecting the more intensive activities, there’s even greater access to instruction at the Evolution and Challenge course levels. In the Evolution course there are 2 instructors per group of 4 students, and 1 instructor per group of 2 in the final Challenge course.

What if I’m not sure if I want to attend more than one Corso Pilota program?

No one regrets repeat participation and moving up the Corso Pilota levels. But no matter where you stop in the course progression, you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, develop a profound appreciation for the limit performance of Ferraris, and come away with driving skills that will help you and those around you for a lifetime.

What if I never intend to race or do much performance driving after Corso Pilota?

Corso Pilota attendees universally come away with a newfound appreciation for the performance dynamics of their Ferrari and skills that could be applied across a broad range of driving scenarios, including emergency maneuvering on-road.

What are upcoming Corso Pilota dates and locations?

Please see available dates & locations, if currently available, indicated near the top of this page.

Do I need any performance driving experience to participate in Corso Pilota?

No performance driving experience is required. Only an interest in exploring the performance of Ferraris and advancing one’s own driving skills. Corso Pilota instructors will take it from there, no matter your skillset coming into the program.

How does Corso Pilota compare to participating in a track day with my own Ferrari?

Corso Pilota eliminates a whole host of concerns typically associated with track days, including on track insurance, running costs of “consumables” like tires and brakes, pre- and post-event services, track entry fees, potentially reckless participants, vehicle transport, and more.

With Corso Pilota, you’re hosted in luxury accommodations, arrive and drive with cars fully prepped for the event, and have professional instruction at hand. Not to mention, at each level of Corso Pilota you’ll experience the thrilling limit performance of multiple Ferrari models, including the 488 Challenge Evo, if the course progression is followed.

As compared to track days, Corso Pilota is much safer, a greater value overall, all-inclusive, and a world class experience.

Can I skip any Corso Pilota levels?

Since each level prepares you for the next, participants must complete Corso Pilota courses in a progressive order.


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